My Wood Bench Story

My name is Wayne! the proprietor of Collier's Wood Shop. I create Wooden Benches from a design I learned from my Grandfather. 


When I was a youngster my Grandfather had a few small wood benches he carried his tools and supplies in. The primitive wooden benches were his tool boxes. They would be slid into a truck bed, carried to the job site, used as a portable work bench to cut on or drill on, or used as a small stool to stand on. The saw marks and drill scars, and the dripped paint all told a stories from past projects. Needless to say as a child I was fascinated by what was inside these benches and what I saw the men doing on and around them. My Grandfather could not read or write, there were no drawings or plans for them, they were made from scrap wood and memory.


Several years ago I started building chairs, tables, and shelving for my retail store. I remembered that old bench my Grandfather had, so I made a few to sell. They sold well, and I started selling them online, and the rest is history.


I'm very proud to build the benches my Grandfather taught me to build. The pride and craftsmanship in my work came from decades of watching and learning from my father and grandfather. Now I have added my craftsmanship to the design, with glue and pocket hole joinery. The scrap wood used in the original design has been replaced with precise sized quality wood and hardware. I'm thankful my Father and Grandfather where skilled craftsman, that passed their knowledge down to me. Today the benches are custom built, one at a time in my wood shop on the west coat of Florida.

Wood Bench Assembly Instructions 

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