Rustic Farmhouse Primitive Mudroom Entryway Wood Storage Bench - Solid Top with Shelf

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Product Description

Handmade from 1 x 12 Solid Wood 36” Wide, 18” Tall, 12” Wide with Shelf. Built with Pocket Hole Joinery for added strength, each bench is assembled before shipping. This ensures perfection and ease of assembly when your bench arrives. We take great pride in building our benches, the design of this wooden bench was passed down to me from my grandfather.

Descriptive Names:
Storage Bench, Entryway Storage Bench, Mudroom Storage Bench, Rustic Wood Bench, Primitive Wood Bench, Farmhouse Bench, Garden Bench, Entryway Bench, Mudroom Bench, Porch Bench, Plant Bench, Shoe Bench, Decorative Wood Bench, Outdoor Bench, Bathroom Bench, Bedroom Bench, Gazebo Bench, Dock Bench, Patio Bench

Bench Description:
I’m a rustic bench with lots of character, handmade by a proud American craftsman. Please enjoy my flaws, I do not pretend to be perfect, I’m unique and one of a kind work of art so to speak. I may have imperfection but my maker has designed me to be strong as an ox. My cross grain backbone made of solid wood keeps my parts together, I’m screwed and glued giving me greater strength. I have 2 screws in each leg that made it easier to ship me here, please tighten them to about an 8 on the cordless drill or by hand. I’m old school so to speak, no pressed particle board or plywood in me. They call me primitive but I’m ready to work in today’s world. Enough about me, I’m here to exceed your expectations!
I will do my best to perform any mission you desire, I love Plants! I have my share of shoes and I’m as sturdy as they come if you need a place to guard them or a seat to sit on while you put your favorite pair on. I’m at home on the front, back or side porch, heck even a gazebo or dock, I love to relax and enjoy the views. The garden can be my happy place as well, the sounds of nature make me at peace with the world. I have held candles and towels in the bathroom and been a quilt holder in the bedroom. Some put me in the entryway just for looks and that’s fine by me, I look pretty smart if you ask me. I had my days in the mudroom too, just hanging out waiting for the family to come home. No matter where you decide to put me, I’m up for it, me and my uniqueness are a great combination.

What makes our benches superior?

1. We use pocket hole joiner with square drive screws and premium wood glue. The combination or screws and glue make an extremely strong joint.

2. We use a cross grain support bracing system that maximizes the benches durability.

3. We hand select all the wood to make the sure the bench looks great when completed.

4. A proven design, we have successfully made hundreds of these wooden benches and confident you will be happy with your purchase.

5. Easy to assemble.

The standard bench is Solid Wood with no stain or clear coat, you can add stain or clear coat for an extra charge. The clear coat give the bench more protection from the elements. (sun and rain)

The wood bench is great for plants, displaying decorative seasonal items on your front porch, or a place to put your shoes in your entryway or mudroom. The bench is very sturdy and built to last for years. The imperfections in the wood make each bench unique and each one has its own character. The bench is the perfect height to sit and relax!

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Some Easy Assembly Required
(Screw in Legs, Screws Included)

If you are a DIY project person, select Pine (No Stain) and the unfinished wood bench will arrive with a sanded ready to stain or paint surface. The Collier's Wood Shop wood benches make perfect DIY patio bench, DIY entryway bench, DIY mudroom bench, DIY outdoor bench almost any DIY Wood Bench project you would desire. The sturdy unfinished furniture bench is designed to last many years unlike cheap wooden benches for sale at the big discount stores.

Colliers Wood Shop makes a portable bench that can easily be moved from the porch to the garden. The 3 foot wooden bench only weights 18 pounds, that makes carrying the 2 seater bench very easy. Use it as garden bench and when your finshed move it back to a entryway shoe bench. The 18" height makes a great sitting bench to put on and take off your shoes. The versatility of the wood bench is amazing use it as a patio bench, mudroom bench, shoe bench, bedroom bench, entryway bench, bathroom bench, or a bay window bench. The rustic bench or farmhouse bench style can be used as a outdoor bench or indoor bench. If you intend to use the decorative bench outside, select Clear for longer lasting finish than the cheap outdoor bench offered by the big hardware stores. The Clear option is a nice feature for indoor wooden bench, making cleaning easier and the finish resistant to soiling. Please note Clear Coat will add 1 day to shipping time.